In all matters where the lease allows we seek recovery of legal costs from the defaulting lessee. Court fees are funded on standard ground rent and service charge collections.

Debt Breaches of Lease (Ground Rent and Service Charge Arrears Recovery)

Provided the lease allows, costs are recovered from the defaulting lessee in the vast majority of straightforward ground rent, service charge and insurance arrears cases.  We typically fund disbursements on your behalf pending recovery from the defaulting lessee.


Defended and Complex Litigation (including Non-Debt Breaches of Lease)

As expert property management solicitors, we are often instructed to advise and litigate on heavily contested and/or complex cases.  In such circumstances, we will always consider:

Alternatively, we can invoice you on a traditional time spent basis throughout the lifetime of the case.

Whatever the charging arrangement, you can rest assured that we will vigorously seek recovery of legal costs at the conclusion of a successful action.


Real Estate (Lease Extensions & Variations, Assignments & Transfers, RTM & Enfranchisement)

We operate fixed fees for any of our Real Estate services.  Special projects will also be undertaken on a fixed fee rate to be agreed.


Our services

Ground rent arrears recovery

Customised ground rent collection services on both criteria and non-criteria ground rent debts

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Service charge arrears recovery

Fast, experienced service charge collection services on both residential and commercial property

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Breach of covenant

Trusted advice on unauthorised change of use, alterations, sub-letting, nuisance and other breaches of lease

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Swift and concise advice on the forfeiture of either residential or commercial premises

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Technical and complex claims

Commercially astute litigation and tribunal representation

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Lease extensions, variations and licenses

First class service for both landlords and their leaseholders

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Right to Manage & Collective Enfranchisement

Expert help and advice for landlords and leaseholders

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Complete support for landlords in the private rented sector

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Training, Special Projects and Other Services

Bespoke services and training for freeholders and managing agents

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