Assignments and Transfers

Experience and attention to detail.

JB Leitch Real Estate Limited provides an unrivalled and complete service in dealing with assignments and other dispositions.  You can feel confident that we will properly scrutinise all documentation to ensure that the relevant provisions within a lease have been complied with. Our services include:

  • drafting/reviewing any Deed of Covenant
  • Licence to Assign
  • Certificate of Compliance
  • Receipt Notice of Charge/Transfer and Share Transfers. 

In addition, we can action Freehold Transfers, Sales and Pre-Sale Packs.

We understand that dealing with this documentation and ensuring that it has been attended to correctly can be a major headache for landlords, management companies or agents - the need for sound application of legal know-how something of a daunting task.  We pride ourselves not only on handling these tasks well for our clients but also in providing expert legal advice to compliment the service that we offer so that you know the work is not only done, but done properly.

Who to contact

Karen Bolland
Business Development Director


Robert Denman
Senior Associate Head of Real Estate