Commercial Property Litigation

Let's talk, office, hotel or car park.

When you think of JB Leitch, we know you think of residential property.  But did you know that all of the services we provide are also available for your commercial property portfolio too?  Whether it's part of a mixed-use development or stand alone commercial property, we can help with arrears and other breaches of lease, commercial forfeiture and the full range of lessee disputes.
As standard, we can assist with ground rent and/or service charge arrears recovery.  However, we understand that significant sums can be involved with commercial property arrears and will take a bespoke approach when dealing with such cases.  Likewise, good commercial tenants are valuable and this tailored approach ensures that any future landlord/tenant relationship is not soured.
Our thorough knowledge of leasehold law is especially useful when dealing with commercial lessees who are far more likely to use experienced lawyers or  accountants to scrutinise property accounts, demands or proceedings.  Using JB Leitch in these matters makes sense as you know we can deal with any possible issues raised effectively.
Additionally we can advise on breaches of lease such as unauthorised alterations, subletting or misuse.   Highly technical arguments will often be put forward as to whether the lease does or doesn't allow for the particular circumstance and, again, as significant sums are often involved, lawyers for the opposition will usually know their onions.  In these cases our unrivalled sector specific knowledge is key and the fact that the property is a hotel or a house is immaterial.

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