Remote ID Verification

Simple, swift and secure online identity verification service

By registering online, we can get matters moving by arranging a video call and verifying your identity against a valid passport photo or photo driving license, completing the form sections and returning these securely via registered post. Follow the steps below to avoid unnecessary delays, potentially inconvenient appointment times and additional cost. Our service allows you to schedule a video call at a time that suits you, wherever you may be and for a simple fixed fee of £40 (inc. VAT).

Verification in 4 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Download and complete section A of the ID1 form here.

Step 2. Register your contact details, schedule and pay for your verification call. We'll send you a pack with guidelines, postage and payment details.

Step 3. When you’ve scheduled your call, send us your ID1 form and a copy of your chosen form of ID (listed opposite).

Step 4. We’ll call you as scheduled, compete and return the forms and signed screengrabs to you via registered post. 

What are ID1 and ID5 Forms?

The Land Registry introduced the ID5 form on the 4th May 2020 to allow solicitors to certify ID when being confirmed over a video call. The ID5 form is completed by our solicitor at the same time they are completing the ID1 form that has been partially completed (section A) that would have previously been used in a face to face appointment. This means service is fast and covid secure. 

Below is checklist of the types of identification you will need to bring to your call:

A copy of one of the following:

• Current valid full passport – State the country of issue and number of the passport:

• Current photocard driving licence (not a provisional licence)

• Current Biometric Residence Permit issued by the UK Home Office to a non-UK national resident in the UK – State the number of the permit

Or Copies of two of the following (but no more than one of each type):

• Credit card bearing the Mastercard or Visa logo, an American Express or Diners Club card, or a debit or multi-function card bearing the Maestro or Visa logo (issued in the United Kingdom supported by an account statement less than three months old

• Utility bill less than three months old

• Council tax bill for the current year

• Council rent book showing the rent paid for the last three months

• Mortgage statement for the mortgage accounting year just ended*

• Current firearm or shotgun certificate


Who to contact

Robert Denman
Principal Associate - Head of Real Estate


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