Business Finance Analyst

Neal works on everything from the P&L, balance sheet, budgets, forecasts, cashflow, analytics as well as supporting all internal / external audits.

A large part of his role is to analyse all this data on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis and produce management reports to help support key strategic decision making across the business. This can range from identifying risks or opportunities from all business & financial view points or to just improve current work processes by having better information or reports across all teams.

Neal reports directly to Gill Sisson & Andrew Taylor and supports the key finance team as well as other key stakeholders across the business. Neal has over 20+ years in finance with 10 of them being as a management accountant working from a range of large corporate businesses to medium and small ones both across the private and public sectors. His vast range of experiences has helped him develop great problem solving skills whether it be financial or system / software related. Neal constantly pushes for innovation and growth to help keep the business on the cusp of the new technologies available.