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Welcome to the JB Leitch Video Library. Here you will find a range of presentations on key topics delivered by the JB Leitch team and our partners. Please scroll down to view our latest videos...

JB Leitch Client Guidance Video - December 2023 

In this latest video version of our most recent guidance notes, we cover:

  • An Overview of Leasehold Reform Proposals
  • Accountable Persons: APs & PAPs
  • Leasehold Insurance Updates
  • Building Safety – Further Updates
  • Notable & Recent Case Law
  • Understanding Limitation Periods
  • Client Reporting


JB Leitch Client Briefing Event, London, October 2023

The event provided our clients with the latest legislative and legal updates as well as adding value through the unique and informed perspective from the Tribunals, offered by Barrister (and Tribunal Judge) Stephen Evans of Five Paper. Our comprehensive agenda saw Katie Orr, Phil Parkinson and Rob Denman sharing their collective expertise and insights on:

  • Over a Year of the Building Safety Act
  • Amendments, Secondary Legislation & Regulations
  • The Golden Thread
  • Emerging & Notable Case Law
  • The Tribunals Perspective
  • Leasehold Reforms: Where Are We Now?
  • The King’s Speech & What is Likely to Come

If you would like to view the sessions in full, follow the links below to the videos on our JB Leitch video channel:

For a copy of the full presentation deck, please contact:

JB Leitch Guidance Notes: Building Safety Updates, August 2023 (Video Version)

We address some of the most significant and recent updates including:

    • Amendments to Leaseholder Protections (August 5th)
    • Regulating the Building Control Profession
    • The Cladding Safety Scheme
    • DLUHC Joint Statement with the Building Safety Regulator
    • Responsible Actors Scheme
    • Further Guidance on Registering Properties with Multiple High-Rise Structures
    • Emerging Case Law: JB Leitch Success in an early BSA Decision
    • A Note on Building Registration



JB Leitch Client Briefing Event: 29th June 2023 (PART 1)

The JB Leitch Client Briefing Event held on the 29th June 2023. In part 1, our senior team address key subjects including service charge recovery, the Building Safety Act, EV Charging, Landlord Certificates and much more.

JB Leitch Client Briefing Event: 29th June 2023 (PART 2)

The JB Leitch Real Estate team provide insight and analysis on LPE1 requirements, Certificates of Compliance and Shared Management Agreements.

JB Leitch Client Guidance Notes June 2023

Our latest client updates for June 2023.

FEXCO Landlord Event, May 2023

A video version of the presentation delivered by Legal Director Phil Parkinson at the Fexco Landlord event held on the 27th April 2023.
The presentation discusses recent case law and wider legislative updates relevant to Building Safety in 2023.


A Video Introduction to Leasehold Property Enquiries & Management Packs

JB Leitch provide a useful summary of the key elements of leasehold property sales and management packs, including recent changes to LPE1 forms.


Client Briefing Event

A video capturing the JB Leitch & Five Paper briefing event focusing on the Building Safety Act and the impacts of Settlers Court decision. Recorded on the 7th of July 2022.


JB Leitch & Five Paper: Session 1 - Introducing the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act

Five Paper Barristers Elizabeth England and Nicholas Grundy KC, introduce and offer insight into the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022.


JB Leitch & Five Paper: Session 2 - Real World Application

Rob Denman, Head of JB Leitch Real Estate, discusses the practical day to day implications of the Leasehold Reform (Ground Rent) Act 2022.


JB Leitch & Five Paper Session 3 - Horizons

The JB Leitch & Five Paper teams discuss the future implications of reform...


JB Leitch & Five Paper: Session 4 - Building Safety Update