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“Impressive” JB Leitch Real Estate Acknowledged by HM Land Registry

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We're delighted that the JB Leitch Real Estate team have been acknowledged by HM Land Registry this week for an "impressive record of submitting high-quality applications". The note also recognises "High-quality applications also protect the integrity of the register and protect property owners" and also adds "your efforts to submit high-quality applications help us to unlock automation in the future – so again, thank you for your efforts".

In practical terms, the quality of an application lodged at the Land Registry impacts greatly the amount of time it takes to process the application. A high-quality application can be completed in a matter of minutes, subject to any technical referrals being made which helps caseworkers reduce the Land Registry's backlog. To find out more, contact our Real Estate team:


"Thank you for your efforts" - HM Land Registry

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