Right to Manage

As experienced right to manage solicitors, we have detailed knowledge of the law in this area and how to apply it.

Right to Manage (RTM) claims can be technically challenging and if not handled appropriately, extremely costly. JB Leitch Real Estate Limited advise landlords or leaseholders on all issues, from straightforward applications through to complex and defended claims that reach Tribunal.

The right to make an RTM claim is available to those that satisfy the relevant legislative requirements and qualifying criteria, and further to the recent spotlight on leasehold reform and legislative change, is becoming a more commonly used tool for leaseholders collectively wishing to take over management of the development within which they own premises.

It is important, however, that the correct procedural steps are taken, and this is something that we are ideally placed to assist with. JB Leitch Real Estate Limited undertakes the formation of compliant RTM companies, exercises the right to manage on behalf of leaseholders and represents landlords dealing with applications received from leaseholders.