Lease Reviews

Answering your key questions on leases and lease terms…

The ongoing government programme of leasehold reform means that freeholders and managing agents must always strictly adhere to the precise terms of the lease when dealing with leasehold property.

JB Leitch Real Estate Limited undertakes due diligence / lease reviews for both freeholders and managing agents to ensure that they are always compliant with the terms of the lease. Our bespoke fixed fee due diligence reports are tailored to the client’s particular need and range from a broad overview of the headline lease terms to in-depth clause by clause reporting.

Whether you want to know when the accounting year end is, whether the tenant needs to seek your consent to alter the property or whether the tenant is able to have pets in the property then we can review the lease and answer these and any other pertinent questions that you may have. Some leases are not particularly well drafted and an element of interpretation for some clauses is required. Our experienced team are the ideal people in such circumstances to review those leases and provide you with the correct interpretation.

Our extensive knowledge in the niche leasehold area in both contentious and non-contentious matters means that we are ideally placed to identify the key information in leases that are required by our clients and also identify for them the impact and relevance of that information for them when dealing with these properties.