Support for Accountable Persons

Expert Advice on Understanding Your Role & Responsibilities

The building safety reforms give dutyholders clear accountability and statutory responsibilities. Accountable persons, those with a legal estate in possession of any part of the common parts or under a relevant repairing obligation in relation to any part of those common parts, will need to demonstrate that they have effective, proportionate measures in place to manage building safety risks in the higher-risk buildings for which they are responsible. Those who do not meet their obligations may potentially face criminal charges.

Given that there is no “one size fits all” approach, and that the Building Safety Act does not limit how many accountable persons there may be. Where accountable, building owners will need to consider contractual agreements and how buildings are managed, repairing obligations in leases, the extent of responsibility for management companies, assessment, certification and management building safety risks, providing the “golden thread” of information and responding to residents requests for information.

If you need support in determining your role and responsibilities as an accountable, or principal accountable person, our team can provide expert and timely advice.