Specialist guidance through the complexities of lease forfeiture…

J B Leitch has extensive knowledge in dealing with forfeiture claims on behalf of both residential and commercial landlords.

Working nationwide, we provide tactically astute advice on defended forfeiture claims, relief from forfeiture and offer valuable expert insight into the complexities and commercial implications for clients.

If a leaseholder is in breach of the terms of their lease, we can pursue forfeiture action on your behalf for both criteria debt and non-debt breaches on either residential or commercial premises.

Given the extra protection afforded to residential and commercial leaseholders under recent legislation, our legal advice takes account of the additional requirements in any residential forfeiture proceedings.

From the issue of the forfeiture claim through actual forfeiture of the lease then on to the grant of a new lease, our large forfeiture team are fully conversant with the complexities, commercial implications and most recent Court decisions that can impact on this technical and intensely scrutinised area of law.